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California Academy of Sciences
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1642 Media · 835 Specimens · Managed by: Lauren Scheinberg, Kate High, Lauren Scheinberg

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000101374 Humerus CAS:HERP:53931 Leiopelma hamiltoni Mesh 2020-02-20 Restricted Download  
000101373 Humerus CAS:SUA:10477 Eleutherodactylus sp. Mesh 2020-02-20 Restricted Download  
000100936 Humerus CAS:HERP:230204 Odontobatrachus natator Mesh 2020-02-13 Restricted Download  
000099909 Humerus CAS:HERP:160084 Sooglossus sechellensis Mesh 2020-01-28 Restricted Download  
000099906 Humerus CAS:HERP:71766 Rhinophrynus dorsalis Mesh 2020-01-28 Restricted Download  
000099896 Humerus CAS:HERP:93309 Pipa pipa Mesh 2020-01-27 Restricted Download  
000099895 Humerus CAS:HERP:168486 Phrynobatrachus krefftii Mesh 2020-01-27 Restricted Download  
000099894 Humerus CAS:HERP:153715 Petropedetes palmipes Mesh 2020-01-27 Restricted Download  
000099892 Humerus CAS:HERP:91921 Agalychnis dacnicolor Mesh 2020-01-27 Restricted Download  
000099887 Humerus CAS:HERP:82050 Mixophyes fasciolatus fasciolatus Mesh 2020-01-27 Restricted Download  
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