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California Academy of Sciences
CAS Herpetology (HERP) Organization Team Managed
1642 Media · 835 Specimens · Managed by: Lauren Scheinberg, Kate High, Lauren Scheinberg

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000034356 CAS:HERP:258533 Hemisus guineensis Volumetric Image Series 2017-10-19 Restricted Download  
000015806 CT scan of skeleton and skull CAS:HERP:258533 Hemisus guineensis Mesh 2016-08-11 Restricted Download  
000012465 Lower jaws cas:herp:42076 Uma scoparia scoparia Mesh 2016-05-07 Restricted Download  
000012461 Lower jaws cas:herp:200862 Sceloporus magister Mesh 2016-05-07 Restricted Download  
000012444 Dentary cas:herp:93242 Plica umbra Mesh 2016-05-06 Restricted Download  
000012414 Dentary cas:herp:Uncatalogued2 Hemitheconyx caudicinctus Mesh 2016-05-05 Restricted Download  
000012401 Mandibles cas:herp:159492 Heloderma suspectum Mesh 2016-05-05 Restricted Download  
000012373 Lower jaws cas:herp:141318 Gambelia sila Mesh 2016-05-05 Restricted Download  
000012357 Lower jaws cas:herp:216644 Elgaria coerulea palmeri Mesh 2016-05-05 Restricted Download  
000012219 Dentary cas:herp:46399 Ctenosaura hemilopha nolascensis Mesh 2016-05-04 Restricted Download  
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