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American Museum of Natural History
AMNH Invertebrate Paleontology Organization Team Managed
162 Media · 76 Specimens · Managed by: Melanie Hopkins, Bushra Hussaini


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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000442030 complete specimen AMNH:FI:87857 Uvigerina striata Video 2022-05-12 Restricted Download  
000435739 complete specimen AMNH:FI:45891 Planoglobulina acervulinoides Video 2022-04-19 Restricted Download  
000435731 AMNH:FI:45891 Planoglobulina acervulinoides Mesh 2022-04-19 Restricted Download  
000431744 AMNH-FI 19890 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19890 Globotruncana canaliculata ventricosa Video 2022-03-17 Restricted Download  
000431727 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19890 Globotruncana canaliculata ventricosa Mesh 2022-03-17 Restricted Download  
000431057 complete specimen AMNH:FI:19919 Guembilina ultimatumida Video 2022-03-15 Restricted Download  
000167626 thorax amnh:fi:101394 CT Image Series 2020-11-30 Restricted Download  
000040438 pygidium amnh:fi:101650 Mesh 2018-02-07 Open Download  
000040437 thorax amnh:fi:101649 Mesh 2018-02-07 Open Download  
000040436 shell amnh:fi:101646 Mesh 2018-02-07 Open Download  
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