3D Printing Permission Class

Term Name mscv:3DPrintingPermission c

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingPermission
Label 3D Printing Permission

Permission statement describing whether 3D printing of a digital resource is permitted, prohibited, or permitted with conditions.

Individual Instances
Type Class

3D Printing Permission Individual Instances

Term Name mscv:3DPrintingLimited t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingLimited
Label 3D Printing Limited

3D printing of digital resources is permitted only if the data was initially downloaded with the intent to 3D print as explicitly indicated by communication from the downloader or from an automated download usage survey form, and where sharing of 3D prints is permitted only in small-scale informal circumstances that should be explicitly outlined elsewhere.

Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingPermission

Term Name mscv:3DPrintingPermitted t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingPermitted
Label 3D Printing Permitted

3D printing of digital resource is freely permitted.

Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingPermission

Term Name mscv:3DPrintingProhibited t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingProhibited
Label 3D Printing Prohibited

3D printing of digital resource is prohibited.

Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/3DPrintingPermission
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