X-Ray Detector Configuration Class

Term Name mscv:XRayDetectorConfiguration c

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/XRayDetectorConfiguration
Label X-Ray Detector Configuration

Physical configuration of X-Ray detector used to acquire an image for CT, MRI, and other related modalities, as described in the DICOM Dectector Configuration attribute (0018,7005). The individual entities of this class in the MorphoSource data vocabulary comprise a controlled vocabulary used to describe detector configuration for relevant Image Events.

Individual Instances
Type Class

X-Ray Detector Configuration Individual Instances

Term Name mscv:Area t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/Area
Label Area (single or tiled detector)
Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/XRayDetectorConfiguration

Term Name mscv:Slot t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/Slot
Label Slot (scanned slot, slit, or spot)
Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/XRayDetectorConfiguration
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