Find, view, and download 3D data representing the world's natural history, cultural heritage, and scientific collections.

Data are contributed by museums, researchers, and scholars to share findings, increase impact, and improve access to material critical for scientific discovery and the advancement of human knowledge.

Welcome to the launch of MorphoSource 2.0! We are very excited to share the new and much improved version of the repository with you. You may find many differences compared to the previous version of MorphoSource. We have produced a launch welcome video to briefly cover major aspects of the new site, and a 3D viewer video to overview features and functions of the 3D viewer. It is also possible that you may encounter bugs. We are working hard to address any issues, and you can help us by reporting bugs that you encounter.

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Educators Organizing Online Courses Using Biological Specimens

MorphoSource has approximately 27,000 published 3D models of biological specimens (largely skeletal material). You can view all of these in your browser with no required software. Around 13,000 of these can be freely downloaded for further visualization and measurement. The remaining 14,000 can usually be downloaded after a simple request process. We have an easily sortable Google Spreadsheet listing all of these web-viewable models parsed by element, species, and more. Find it here: