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Media: M1827

3 media files

3D Mesh (Polygon File Format), 22.75 MB
Raw surface file
Calcaneus, Unknown

raw surface

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3D Mesh (Polygon File Format), 10.33 MB
Cropped Surface/Smooth
Calcaneus, Unknown

smooth crop.

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TIFF image series ZIP file, 45.78 MB
Zipped microCT image stack
Calcaneus, Unknown

Zipped image stack - TIFF format

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Specimen Information

Specimen: MCZ-37670, Trachypithecus cristata
Specimen taxonomy: Trachypithecus cristata
Element: Calcaneus
Institution: Museum of Comparative Zoology- Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Scan Information

Description: Raw surface file; Cropped Surface/Smooth; Zipped microCT image stack
Notes: raw surface; smooth crop.; Zipped image stack - TIFF format
Grant support: Wenner Gren to C. Orr Leakey Foundation to B. Patel
Media citation instructions: Doug Boyer provided access to these data originally appearing in Boyer et al. (2013)NSF BCS 1317525. The files were downloaded from, Duke University.
Is this media copyrighted?: Yes
Copyright permission: Permission to use media on MorphoSource granted by copyright holder
Copyright license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs CC BY-NC-ND - reuse noncommerical no changes
Copyright Holder: Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology
Facility: Stony Brook Univ. Center for Biotechnology
X res: 0.0779 mm
Y res: 0.0779 mm
Z res: 0.0779 mm
Frame averaging: 1
Wedge: air
Scanner calibrations: No calibrations are listed
Technicians: Biren Patel
Media created on: October 28 2013 at 15:23:39
Media last modified on: June 22 2016 at 11:23:21


Doug M. Boyer, Erik R. Seiffert, Justin T. Gladman, Jonathan I. Bloch. 2013. Evolution and allometry of calcaneal elongation in living and extinct primates. PLoS One. Vol. 8(7).