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TIFF image series ZIP file, 332.66 MB
Raw scan of dentary
Partial left dentary with p4 and alveoli of p3, Left
Raw file of group
Citation Elements
3D Mesh (Polygon File Format), 141.94 MB
Raw surface segmented from scan
Partial left dentary with p4 and alveoli of p3, Left
derivative file from M28733-55230
Citation Elements


Specimen Information

Specimen: DMNS:EPV:91331, Bownomomys americanus
Specimen taxonomy: Bownomomys americanus
Element: Partial dentary
Institution: Denver Museum of Nature & Science, USA, Denver, Colorado, USA

Media Group Information

Description: Scan of DMNH EPV 91331 measured by Morse et al. (2018)
Grant support: NSF DGE-1315138 to P.E. Morse
Media citation instructions: Paul E. Morse provided access to these data which first appeared in Morse et al. (2018)., the collection of which was funded by . The files were downloaded from, Duke University.
Is this media copyrighted?: Yes
Copyright permission: Permission to use media on MorphoSource granted by copyright holder
Copyright license: Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC - reuse but noncommercial
Copyright Holder: P.E. Morse
Facility: UF Nanoscale Research Facility
X res: 0.00536687 mm
Y res: 0.00536687 mm
Z res: 0.00536687 mm
Voltage: 110 kv
Amperage: 60 µa
Projections: 1650
Frame averaging: 3
Wedge: amaranth seed
Scanner calibrations: shading correction, geometric calibration
Technicians: Gary S. Scheiffle, Paul E. Morse
Media created on: July 22 2018 at 15:49:44
Media last modified on: July 23 2018 at 13:54:24