Project: A new nodosaurid ankylosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Menefee Formation of New Mexico

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Nodosauridae is a clade of armored dinosaurs with a rich fossil record and long history of study in North America. Nodosaurid fossils have been collected throughout the western United States and Canada. Here, we report three new nodosaurid specimens from the Upper Cretaceous (lower Campanian) Allison Member of the Menefee Formation, San Juan Basin, northwestern New Mexico. The three specimens belong to a new genus and species characterized by a unique combination of features pertaining to the morphology of the osteoderms. Among the three specimens there are representative cervical/pectoral and thoracic osteoderms, as well as components of a probable co-ossified pelvic shield. The new taxon is most similar to Glyptodontopelta mimus from the Maastrichtian of New Mexico.

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Andrew McDonald


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UMNH:VP:28350, Invictarx zephyri

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UMNH:VP:28351, Invictarx zephyri

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WSC:16505, Invictarx zephyri

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