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MorphoSource is a repository for media (3D and 2D) that represent physical objects. There are many ways to browse media and physical objects in the repository. It is also possible to search the repository using the search bar above, and to explore the data holdings using category facets associated with search results.

Media Types and Modalities

Media types include 3D meshes, 3D volumes, 2D images, and videos. Media modalities include CT/MRI, photogrammetry, laser scans, and others.

Physical Object Types

Physical objects associated with media are separated into two categories - biological specimen objects and cultural heritage objects.

Biological Taxonomy

Biological specimens can be associated with taxonomic names, which include both binomial species names and higher-order classifications like family or phylum.


Media are grouped by projects created by users. Projects tend to contain media tied together by a theme. A project might represent the dataset for a single peer-reviewed paper, the results of a collections digitization project, or data for a digital lesson plan.


Teams are groups of users that share media ownership and access across multiple projects and/or media. A team can manage one or more projects. A team can also contain media in a similar way to projects. A team might represent a lab group with multiple research paper projects or the staff of a museum collection uploading digital data representing their specimens.


Organizations are museum collections, university laboratories, departments, facilities, or other groups that house and manage physical objects or imaging devices. Some organizations are officially linked to MorphoSource user teams, where the individuals responsible for a given organization have created a team to manage that organization on MorphoSource.