Information for Contributors

Please email the MorphoSource administrators ( to request contributor status. Make sure to register an account on MorphoSource and include the email address associated with your MorphoSource account before contacting us. Please also provide your academic affiliation as well as the source and nature of data you plan to contribute. Estimates of the data volume are important to provide as well.

MorphoSource is a complex repository platform, and our team is working hard to generate user-friendly documentation to help users find their way around the site. As part of this process, we have created draft documentation and made it available via a publicly accessible Google Drive folder. Much of this documentation is specifically relevant to data contributor users. We will continue to update this documentation and add new documents, tutorials, and slide decks to the folder. The information available in these draft documents will eventually be migrated to the MorphoSource site, but for now we hope users find this to be of assistance.

The MorphoSource YouTube channel has a number of different video tutorials describing and guiding users through various aspects of the site for users who prefer video documentation.