Information for Contributors

The most complete and up-to-date version of our documentation for contributor users and about contributor status is maintained at the MorphoSource Documentation Wiki. Nonetheless, some of the information there is mirrored here for easy access.

What Is Contributor Status?

Contributor status is needed to do the following actions on MorphoSource:

Contributor status is needed to have the following Media User Roles on MorphoSource (see Definitions of User Roles for Media on the full documentation wiki):

Contributor status is needed to have the following Project or Team Member Roles on MorphoSource:

How To Become A Contributor

After creating a MorphoSource account, visit Become A Contributor and supply a few details about the media you intend to contribute to MorphoSource or your reason for applying to be a project member or data manager. An administrator will check your application, and you will either be approved or hear back with additional questions or instructions presently. Thank you!

The specific information that will be requested from you when you apply for contributor status includes:

You will also be asked to agree to the MorphoSource Contributor Terms of Use. These are distinct from the general MorphoSource Terms of Use, and you will be required to agree to comply with both sets of terms.