RSS Data Reporting

MorphoSource provides summary reports of media, download usage, and download requests for media that represent specimens that have been connected to iDigBio. The media report is formatted according to the Audubon Core metadata standard, and so can be incorporated into publisher reporting software, such as an IPT. All report files are linked and described in a single RSS feed, which can be used to receive regular report updates via automated download. Additionally, all report files are individually listed below, sorted by iDigBio publisher and recordset. For each report, there is a link to: 1) a Comma Separated Values (CSV) spreadsheet with the primary media, download usage, or download request metadata; and 2) an XML file encoded in Ecological Markup Language (EML) providing metadata about the CSV spreadsheet. These reports are updated as necessary on a daily basis.

The data reporting RSS feed is currently down. This page will be updated soon with instructions for accessing a new version of the data reporting tools.

For current regular users of the data reporting tools, please contact the admins for an interim solution during this outage period. We can provide access to a previous version of the tools for reporting from frozen data store from the previous iteration of MorphoSource.