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Chatar et al 2021 Morphometric analysis of primitive sabre‐toothed felids Project ID: 000344367 Public
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Associated publication: Chatar, N., Fischer, V., Siliceo, G., Antón, M., Morales, J., & Salesa, M. J. (2021). Morphometric Analysis of the Mandible of Primitive Sabertoothed Felids from the late Miocene of Spain. Journal of Mammalian Evolution. ABSTRACT How sabre-toothed felids have evolved their iconic morphology remains unclear because of the patchy fossil record of early machairodontines. Batallones localities in the Madrid region (Spain) have the potential to clarify this as two sites have yielded hundreds of fossils of the early machairodontines Promegantereon ogygia and Machairodus aphanistus. Previous analyses suggested that these two sites are not contemporaneous and a morphological drift between cavities was described for these two species; characterizing intraspecific variability is thus important to better understand the evolution of machairodontines. To tackle this issue, we modelled 62 felid mandibles in 3D using a laser scanner. We applied 3D geometric morphometrics (3D GM) and linear morphometrics on these models to test for differences in populations and to better characterize the morphology of early machairodontines. Both linear measurements and 3D data reveal an absence of morphological changes in mandible shape between between the two sites. Batallones machairodontines are closer to felines than to other, more derived machairodontines in mandibular morphology, suggesting the existence of rapid shift in the mandibular shape between primitive and derived members of the clade. Our analysis did not reveal any allometric relationship between the overall shape of the mandible when studied with 3D GM and body size. Finally, we reveal a previously overlooked diversity in felid mandibular condyles, with machairodontines having much larger and medially inclined condyles.

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000345879 Mandible MNCN:BAT-1 05 F6-265 Machairodus aphanistus Mesh 2021-02-22 Restricted Download  
000345864 Mandible MNCN:BC-113 Xenosmilus sp. Mesh 2021-02-22 Restricted Download  
000345579 Mandible MNCN:B-5264 Promegantereon ogygia Mesh 2021-02-19 Restricted Download  
000345530 Mandible MNCN:B-4708 Promegantereon ogygia Mesh 2021-02-19 Restricted Download  
000345321 Mandible MNCN:BC-56 Panthera sp. Mesh 2021-02-18 Restricted Download  
000345305 Mandible MNCN:COMP-255 Panthera sp. Mesh 2021-02-18 Restricted Download  
000345297 Mandible MNCN:BC-005 Neofelis sp. Mesh 2021-02-18 Restricted Download  
000345291 Mandible MNCN:CB-20 Megantereon sp. Mesh 2021-02-18 Restricted Download  
000344946 Mandible MNCN:CB-06 Homotherium sp. Mesh 2021-02-16 Restricted Download  
000344924 Mandible MNCN:BC-102 Amphimachairodus giganteus Mesh 2021-02-16 Restricted Download  
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