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3D models related to the publication: Deep evolutionary diversification of semicircular canals in archosaurs Project ID: 000349958 Public
30 Media · 30 Specimens · Managed by: Mario Bronzati

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000360967 Labyrinth - semicircular canals amnh:farb:25555 Anhanguera santanae Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000360962 Labyrinth - semicircular canals txvp:m Triopticus primus Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
000360952 MCZ:VP:VPRA-4117 Gracilisuchus stipanicicorum Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000360946 Labyrinth - semicircular canals fmnh:amphibians and reptiles:73438 Caiman crocodilus Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000360941 Labyrinth - semicircular canals ouvc Crocodylus porosus Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
000360936 Labyrinth - semicircular canals txvp:m Crocodylus moreletii Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
000360931 Labyrinth - semicircular canals ouvc:h Crocodylus johnstoni Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
000360925 Labyrinth - semicircular canals fmnh:amphibians and reptiles Crocodylus acutus Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000360920 Labyrinth - semicircular canals fmnh:amphibians and reptiles Crocodylus sp. Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000360914 Labyrinth - semicircular canals txvp:m Trilophosaurus sp. Mesh 2021-04-27 Open Download  
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