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Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences - Palaeontology Collection - Fossil Vertebrates Project ID: 000364018 Public
103 Media · 33 Specimens · Managed by: Annelise Folie

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000494933 Dentary RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:459 Tinosaurus europeocaenus Mesh 2023-01-31 Restricted Download  
000494923 Maxilla RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:458 Tinosaurus europeocaenus Mesh 2023-01-31 Restricted Download  
000494918 Maxilla RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:457 Tinosaurus europeocaenus Mesh 2023-01-31 Restricted Download  
000494757 Dentary RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:202 bis Tinosarus europeocaenus Mesh 2023-01-30 Restricted Download  
000494751 Dentary RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:464 Geiseltaliellus sp. Mesh 2023-01-30 Restricted Download  
000494743 Maxilla RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:463 Bifurcodentodon ragei Mesh 2023-01-30 Restricted Download  
000461388 Tooth RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:122 Temnodontosaurus platyodon Mesh 2022-09-16 Restricted Download  
000446189 Dentary RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:456 Gekkota indet. Mesh 2022-06-10 Restricted Download  
000443257 skull RBINS-Scientific Heritage:R:23 Tylosaurus bernardi Mesh 2022-05-19 Restricted Download  
000441016 Humerus RBINS-Scientific Heritage:Vert:Cast-RM-2680 Dihoplus schleiermacheri Mesh 2022-05-11 Restricted Download  
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