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Phylogenetic Trees and Fossil Evidence of Evolution Project ID: 000368733 Public
8 Media · 8 Specimens · Managed by: Rebecca Cook

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000368858 Pelvis du:ea:155.1 Pan troglodytes Mesh 2021-06-22 Restricted Download  
000368854 Pelvis ncsu:cvm:31 Canis lupus familiaris Mesh 2021-06-22 Restricted Download  
000368831 Pelvis ncsu:fal:07 Homo sapiens Mesh 2021-06-22 Restricted Download  
000368822 Pelvis ncsu:fal:16 Homo sapiens Mesh 2021-06-22 Restricted Download  
000361267 Os Coxae ncsu:fal:11 Homo sapiens Mesh 2021-04-28 Restricted Download  
000360971 Os Coxae ncsu:fal:03 Homo sapiens Mesh 2021-04-27 Restricted Download  
000050446 ilium wits:malapa:88-133 Australopithecus sediba Mesh 2018-06-19 Open Download  
000008403 Ilium and Ischium du:ea:588.2 Australopithecus afarensis Mesh 2016-01-17 Restricted Download  
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