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Expanded Sampling Across Ontogeny in Deltasuchus motherali (Neosuchia, Crocodyliformes) Project ID: 000368794 Public
1 Media · 1 Specimen · Creator: Drumheller-Horton, Stephanie, Noto, Christopher · Managed by: Christopher Noto

New material attributable to Deltasuchus motherali, a neosuchian from the Cenomanian of Texas, provides sampling across much of the ontogeny of this species. Detailed descriptions provide both information about the paleobiology of this species, particularly with regards to how growth and development affected diet. Overall snout shape became progressively wider and more robust with age, suggesting that dietary shifts from juvenile to adult were not only a matter of size change, but functional performance as well. These newly described elements provide additional characters upon which to base more robust phylogenetic analyses. The authors provide a revised diagnosis of this species, describing the new material and discussing incidents of apparent ontogenetic variation across the sampled population. The results of the ensuing phylogenetic analyses both situate Deltasuchus within an endemic clade of Appalachian crocodyliforms, separate and diagnosable from goniopholidids and pholidosaurs, herein referred to as Paluxysuchidae. Drumheller, S. K., Adams, T. L., Maddox, H., & Noto, C. R. (2021). Expanded Sampling Across Ontogeny in Deltasuchus motherali (Neosuchia, Crocodyliformes): Revealing Ecomorphological Niche Partitioning and Appalachian Endemism in Cenomanian Crocodyliforms. Cambridge University Press.

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