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UF Photogrammetry scans at the Florida Museum of Natural History Project ID: 000381689 Public
60 Media · 32 Specimens · Managed by: Zach Randall, Florida Museum of Natural History

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000435854 Tooth, upper M1 UF:UF:220389 Equus Equus Asinus x equus caballus Photogrammetry Image Series 2022-04-20 Restricted Download  
000434800 Whole specimen uf:iz:2513 Astraea tuber Mesh 2022-04-12 Open Download  
000434778 Whole specimen uf:iz:150472 Scaphella junonia Mesh 2022-04-12 Open Download  
000434765 Whole specimen uf:iz:188216 Siratus beauii Mesh 2022-04-12 Open Download  
000434752 Whole specimen uf:Invertebrate Zoology:172620 Xenophora conchyliophora Mesh 2022-04-12 Open Download  
000434175 Whole specimen UF:IP:107080 Montastraea sp. Mesh 2022-04-06 Restricted Download  
000434168 Second Molar UF:UF/TRO:44 Bison Bison bison Mesh 2022-04-06 Restricted Download  
000434162 First Molar UF:UF:261392 Equus sp. Mesh 2022-04-06 Restricted Download  
000434156 Cervical Vertebrae UF:Herp:65624 Python reticulatus Mesh 2022-04-06 Open Download  
000434152 Whole specimen UF:191750 Platysternon megacephalum Mesh 2022-04-06 Open Download  
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