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Morphometric Analysis of Lungfish Endocasts Elucidates Early Dipnoan Palaeoneurological Evolution Project ID: 000381944 Public
6 Media · 5 Specimens · Managed by: Alice CLEMENT

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Identifier Taxonomy Total Media Date Added Source
esrf:P6609a Rhinodipterus ulrichi 2 2021-09-07 User Created
FMNH:PF:12323 Iowadipterus halli 2 2021-09-07 User Created
zmb:h:12875 Chirodipterus sp. 1 2021-09-06 User Created
wam:palaeontology:70.4.250 Gogodipterus paddyensis 2 2021-09-06 User Created
anu:49196 Pillararhynchus longi 3 2021-09-02 User Created
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