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Snake comparative vertebrae Project ID: 000392158 Public
4 Media · 4 Specimens · Managed by: Edward Stanley

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  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000392156 Cervical Vertebra UF:Herp:167549 Python bivittatus Mesh 2021-10-21 Open Download  
000392149 Cervical Vertebra UF:Herp:65624 Python reticulatus Mesh 2021-10-21 Open Download  
000005379 uf:uf/igm:2 Titanoboa cerrejonensis Mesh 2015-04-23 Open Download  
000005374 Anaconda Vertebra uf:herp:2210 Eunectes murinus Mesh 2015-04-23 Open Download  
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