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The mode of life and feeding strategies of psammosteids (Vertebrata: Pteraspidomorphi) with insights from body-shape reconstructions of Middle Devonian Pycnosteus and Tartuosteus (Baltic Region) Project ID: 000498777 Public
36 Media · 36 Specimens · Creator: Dmitry Grigoriev, Mikhail Kuleshov, Pavel Reshetnikov, Arkady Kamenev, Darya Pinakhina, Vadim Glinsky, Chris Moore, Richard Dearden, Ursula Toom · Managed by: Dmitry Grigorev

To clarify the functional morphology and the feeding strategy of psammosteid heterostracans (Vertebrata: Pteraspidomorphi) were used their dermal plates from the Middle Devonian sandstones of the Baltic region, as they are three-dimension preserved and retain traces of lifetime abrasion on the bottom substrate. The method of the 3D reconstructions makes it possible to better understand the relative position and proportions of the plates, and, consequently, to refine the life form of animals significantly.

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000510349 3D model of Pycnosteus palaeformis PMSPU Pycnosteus palaeformis Mesh 2023-04-02 Open Download  
000510344 3D model of Tartuosteus giganteus git Tartuosteus giganteus Mesh 2023-04-02 Open Download  
000509933 Postorbital plate and branchial plate in articulation git:116-212 Psammolepis venyukovi Mesh 2023-03-30 Open Download  
000509920 Rostral plate git:116-214 Psammolepis venyukovi Mesh 2023-03-30 Open Download  
000509910 Left orbital plate git:116-189 Psammolepis paradoxa Mesh 2023-03-30 Open Download  
000509904 Dorsal plate git:116-92 Taxonomy indet. Mesh 2023-03-30 Open Download  
000509899 Postoral plate git:116-94 Tartuosteus maximus Mesh 2023-03-30 Open Download  
000508669 Ventral ridge scale git:116-83 Tartuosteus giganteus Mesh 2023-03-28 Open Download  
000508664 Ventral ridge scale git:116-80 Tartuosteus giganteus Mesh 2023-03-28 Open Download  
000508647 Ventral plate git:116-75 Tartuosteus giganteus Mesh 2023-03-28 Open Download  
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