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University of Kansas Biodiversity Institute
KUBI Ornithology Collection Organization Team Managed
170 Media · 158 Specimens · Managed by: Lucas DeCicco

This collection is composed of fluid-preserved specimens from multiple continents that is a reflection of our work in documenting diversity across the planet. As of July 2021, a total of nearly 6700 specimens are represented by this specimen type.

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List of media items in this team
  ID Part Object Taxonomy Type Date Added Publication Status  
000623680 skull KU:KUO:81969 Chauna chavaria Volumetric Image Series 2024-04-23 Restricted Download  
000602932 Forelimb KU:KUO:56667 Egretta thula Mesh 2024-02-07 Restricted Download  
000602912 Forelimb KU:KUO:68887 Aeronautes saxatalis Mesh 2024-02-07 Restricted Download  
000602892 Forelimb KU:KUO:56726 Rynchops niger Mesh 2024-02-07 Restricted Download  
000545224 whole body KU:KUO:119021 Serilophus lunatus Volumetric Image Series 2023-07-26 Restricted Download  
000476291 Forelimb KU:KUO:67424 Larus canus Mesh 2022-10-20 Open Download  
000376346 whole body KU:KUO:54972 Artemisiospiza nevadensis Volumetric Image Series 2021-08-10 Restricted Download  
000376336 whole body KU:KUO:133536 Ceyx gentianus Volumetric Image Series 2021-08-10 Restricted Download  
000375305 Skull KU:KUO:56707 Sternula antillarum Mesh 2021-08-05 Restricted Download  
000375281 Skull KU:KUO:68934 Chlorostilbon mellisugus Mesh 2021-08-05 Open Download  
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