Pixel Spacing Calibration Type Class

Term Name mscv:PixelSpacingCalibrationType c

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/PixelSpacingCalibrationType
Label Pixel Spacing Calibration Type

A type of correction for the effect of geometric magnification or calibration against an object of known size, as described in the Enumerated Values of the DICOM Pixel Spacing Calibration Type attribute (0028,0A02). The individual entities of this class in the MorphoSource data vocabulary comprise a controlled vocabulary used to describe the pixel calibration type for relevant Image Events.

Individual Instances
Type Class

Pixel Spacing Calibration Type Individual Instances

Term Name mscv:Fiducial t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/Fiducial
Label Fiducial

Fiducials are identifiable coordinates, also known as landmarks, in the scan image where real physical distances between fiducials are known. These can be used to calibrate relationships between pixel dimensions of the image and real physical unit distances of the imaged object.

Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/PixelSpacingCalibrationType

Term Name mscv:Geometry t

Term IRI http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/Geometry
Label Geometry

Utilizes known distance quantities between the source and object, between the source and detector, and detector size dimensions to calculate pixel spacing, yielding an accurate real physical unit scale representation of the imaged object.

Type http://www.morphosource.org/terms/mscv/PixelSpacingCalibrationType
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